Copying notation options to a flow

How do I copy all my notation options from one flow to another?

I’m afraid there’s no good way to do this at the moment, and astonishingly this is the first time I can remember it being requested, though it’s quite an obvious thing to want to be able to do. I’ll add this to our backlog of things to implement in future.

The easy way (and I use it frequently) is to select the flow whose notation options you want to keep, within the Notation Options dialog, click the Save As Default button in the bottom left corner, then select select the flow you wish to copy the Notation Options to and then click Reset to Saved Defaults.

The side effect is that your saved Notation Options will now apply to future flows. This can easily be remedied when you work on a new flow, by going to Notation Options, holding down the Alt/Opt key and clicking the new Reset to Factory button that appears.

Thanks, that’s helpful as the notation options changes I make I will likely want to apply to most everything I do (my personal taste differs from the Dorico defaults).