Copying notes + other basics in Cubase Pro 8 (shortcut keys)

I would need a little help regarding some basic Midi recording in Cubase Pro 8. I am making mainly orchestal / hybrid kind of music with lots of samples (8Dio, Soundiron, Heavyocity, Spitfire etc.).

What is the best way to copy / cut Midi notes in Cubase Pro 8 ?
In Fruity Loops 12 I normally choose the area I want to copy (Control + C & Control + V) but in Cubase this copying doesn’t seem to be that easy (shortcut keys sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t).

In addition I would like to know is there a possibility to modify draw pencil to be such fast and versatile like it’s in the Fruity Loops 12 ?
In Cubase that pencil is much more slower - you can’t put notes and widen them so rapidly like I would like to. Now the window with 10 different tools appears every time I’m putting a single note in its place in the piano roll. So can I just remove that 10 tools window in somehow and just use the draw pencil tool always ?

My OS is Win 7 64-bit Professional and I am using normal keyboard.


Copy > Paste works as expected here. What do you mean exactly, it doesn’t work… What happens instead of Copy > Paste?

Another way is to select the events, hold down Alt, and move the MIDI Notes. The selected MIDI Notes are copied.

What exactly is better on the Pencil tool in Fruity Loops 12? In Cubase, you can just select the Pencil tool (actually, I even don’t do this, I hold down the Alt modifier, while the Object Selection tool is selected). And then, you can just click, click, click… to create a MIDI Notes.

What kind of “10 different tools” do you mean?


Instead of copying notes, very often it cuts Midi notes (for example if I want to copy same cello melody to trombones, cello melody just disappears and moves into the trombones).
So I must press few times ALT + moving melodies because at first it just cuts things.
What am I doing wrong ?


Alt modifier cuts the notes, when the mouse cursor is over the MIDI note, and click.

The trick, I’m using, is to move the notes first, and then hold down the Alt modifier (while the mouse-button is still On).