Copying objects by both-mouse-keys-click

Is there a way to enable this?
(Thus: same function as the alt-click, but with just both mouse keys together pressed.)

Hi @stefan.b I think a possible solution, if you have a mouse with extra buttons, is to configure one of the buttons and program it with “alt+left click”, if the mouse software supports it.

I think that an action where you click both left and right mouse main “click” buttons would be unreliable, because you can never press the two exactly at the same moment, causing possibly undesired effects.

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I use the MX Master 3 mouse from Logitech. It has many features and additional buttons that can be programmed as desired. Near the thumb, there are two buttons: I have set the front one to “copy” and the back one to “paste”. This makes it very fast. I can select with a left-click and copy and paste with the thumb. There is also a button above the scroll wheel, which I have programmed to click through all open windows (applications). It’s super practical. This mouse is not cheap, but if you use it every day, I think it’s worth it.

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