Copying of old scores 1:1 possible?


what would be the easiest procedure when setting up a new score, if I just wanted to „mechanically“ copy an old manuscript?
I would want to type in a score as written in the original, same instruments, same beaming, same way of treating the accidentals (=non logical). Will I be free enough to accomplish this in Dorico? I ask, because the program has quite a few built in automatic routines, which might get into the way.

ps: sorry about my bad English…

I would suggest that you simply start by typing the music in. Unless the music is very unconventional, you should find that Dorico’s automatic results produce the same result as the original score, more often than not. You can override beaming, note durations, accidentals, etc. as needed.

Thank you, Daniel. It is a different approach than I am used to; I will try this with some scores in the future. I guess, by the concept of Dorico it has to be that way. As the program wants to give you the choice of changing the meter later, there have to be some automatic routines to make this possible…
If I have a piece of paper, I can put things down exactly as I want to. If on the computer, it would be nice, if it does feel almost the same.