Copying part formatting to other layouts

I want to copy the page layout for example from 1.trumpet to 2.3.4.trumpet. I do it according to the instructions-Propagate part formatting dialog, but it doesn’t work. What is wrong? I couldn’t find a video on YT showing this. Please advise!

Propagate Part Formatting propagates Layout Options and/or Casting Off only, dependent on what’s ticked within the dialog.

If you’ve e.g. manually overridden the page templates in the Trumpet 1 part, it may be better to right-click the Trumpet 1 layout (in the right panel or Setup mode), Duplicate Layout, then unassign the Trumpet 1 player from the duplicate and assign the Trumpet 2 player. Rinse and repeat for Trumpet 3.

This should propagate everything apart from manually positioned System Objects (tempi, rehearsal marks, system text etc.). Unfortunately these have to be shifted in each layout by hand.

Thanks for the reply, but maybe I didn’t understand. How do I unassign the Trumpet 1 player from the duplicate and assign the Trumpet 2 player? Which way should I do it?

Select the duplicate layout in the right panel of Setup mode.
Untick the Trumpet 1 player in the left panel.
Tick the Trumpet 2 player in the left panel.

Thank you, it works. I made the 1st Trp some changes -Titel name, rehearsal marks and stave spacing. Some changes have been made, but Spacing staves are different.

DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY-change.dorico (3.8 MB)

Here are the Staff Spacing changes you’ve made:


The square handles at the bottom of each stave affect that stave only.
The square handles at the top of each system move the whole system.

Duplicating layout will happily copy the staff spacing changes that affect the whole system - that’s the large handles at the top of each system. It will not copy the stave-specific changes, as those are specific to the Trumpet 1 stave.

All of this seems to be a slow and dirty workaround for getting rid of the Flow Heading at the top of the page, and to use that space for music.

The quick, correct way, that doesn’t involve dragging staves around, is to turn off Flow Headings:

You could also edit the First Page Template (right and left) so that the composer and lyricist fields are a bit higher up, and the music frame is taller (both top and bottom):

…and actually, if you’re going to manually adjust your rehearsal marks so that they’re almost flush with the staves, you might be better off just turning off automatic collision avoidance between systems entirely, which you can do here:

You could also proably make adjustments at Engraving Options > Rehearsal Marks so that they are automatically much closer to the stave, but I’m sure you can figure that out - I’ve not bothered to do so here.

That’ll probably give you a result closer to what you want, without any staff spacing or page overrides at all (I removed page overrides from the right panel of Engrave mode, first):

(though if you’re intent on squeezing 13 systems onto an A4 page I’d certainly be tempted to slim your margins down from the default 14.82mm to maybe 10mm).


Off topic: It might be nice if you credit the composer, Bobby McFerrin.

( Speaking as Mr. McFerrin’s archivist )


To Pianoleo: thank you very much for the explanation. It’s a bit complicated, but I get it now. Thanks, your advice is very inspiring

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