Copying parts in multiple flows

Hello Dorico Team,

I have just finished an edition of Agrippina, and I need to combine a voice part with each string part, but just in in one flow (an accompanied recit.) I tried to add a stave above, but because I wrote the part as a group player, that is not possible.
Is there a way to copy the whole part (which consists of about 45 flows) from a group player to a solo player, or do I have to copy each flow individually?


Is there a way to add a stave to a group player part?

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Solo players can have staves above or below, but they can’t use Divisi.
Section players can use Divisi (right-click > Staff > Change Divisi…) but they can’t have staves above or below.

To switch your existing section player to a solo player, create a new Solo Player but don’t add an instrument. Click the arrow to the left of your existing section player to reveal the instrument (or voice), then click and drag the instrument/voice to your new Empty-handed (solo) player.
You can then delete the now Empty-handed (section) player and drag the new (solo) player up the list as necessary.

Thanks; that worked a treat!

I have now added my extra line into which to copy the voice part , and I want to make it smaller. When I highlight just that stave and click staff size, it makes both staves smaller. How do I make just one smaller?

(Maybe I am simply going about this the wrong way…)

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I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to essentially cue the vocal line into the string parts, just for a few bars, perhaps? If so, I’m sure I can think of a better way…

That is exactly what I am trying to do :slight_smile:

Got it. There are a number of ways you could do it: for instance, if you’re not using ossia staves anywhere else you could give each of the string players an ossia stave (which will automatically be smaller), cue into that, then set the Layout Options in such a way that a) the ossia staves don’t show in the score and b) they’re not labelled “ossia”.

If all of the string players need the same bits of vocal material (or even if not, I guess), you could add a completely new player to the project (holding whatever instrument), then cue into that. Then assign that player to each of the part layouts, unassign it from the score layout, set Layout Options for the parts in order that they Hide Empty Staves throughout, overwrite the Layout names so they don’t refer to the extra player. Then if there are bits where some string players don’t need the cue staff, you could use Manual Staff Visibility to temporarily hide the cue staff.

Come to think of it, you could just assign the vocal player to all of the string part layouts, then (assuming you’re in 3.5 or later) use Manual Staff Visibility to hide the vocal player apart from where you need it. You’ll still need to overwrite the layout names so that they don’t say e.g. Violoncello & Tenor.


Thanks for all the help and for introducing me to Manual Staff Visibility; it has really helped lay out the part properly.

As far as I can tell; if you highlight a measure and go to Manual Staff Visibility and check hide, it will hide the staff from there to the end of the flow. Is there anyway to hide the staff from the beginning up to a certain point (for the opening ritornello)?


Yes, at the point where you want to show the staff again, either show it or reset manual staff visibility (same procedure).

Thank you, Lillie!