Copying parts issue

What ho, all.

Just upgraded from Elements to Artist but that’s come with an issue (the answer to which I can’t find despite searching here, the manual, and elsewhere). If I copy a part (ctrl+d or click & drag) and it happens to overlap the part next to it, the portion of the underlying overlapped part beneath the copy is erased. I’ve searched through all sorts of settings - thought it might be something to do with transport, but I don’t think so - but have so far been unable to find out which one is causing this to happen, so I thought I’d throw myself on the mercy of you fine fellows to see if anyone else might have experienced this and if so what the answer is.

Probably a stupidly easy fix which I’ve missed in my searches, but any info most gratefully received and I’ll apologise for wasting your time later :slight_smile:

I have a terminology issue, reading your post : are you dealing with MIDI or audio content ?

  • If MIDI, the item displayed in the project page is indeed a part, containing different MIDI events (notes essentially) : the underlying portion of a part is not erased and both is heard simultaneously when playing them back.
  • If audio, as I guess, things get more complicated : we are basically dealing with events (an audio part being a container of different audio events on a track, tied together with the Audio > Events to part command), and two overlapping events can’t be heard together, but this doesn’t mean that the underlying portion of a given event is erased : actually, it is muted and to see what’s going on, the best is to use the Show lanes option, which is available as a button in the track header. Once done, you can drag the different audio events of a given audio track in lanes (using the Ctrl + Shift key modifier to keep them in the same horizontal timing position) and, after this, you can use the Comp tool to select which events/takes will be heard, when there are overlapping events.

More details here :


Many thanks for your reply, cubic13. It is a MIDI issue and at first I thought I must have had the MIDI record mode set to “replace” but it isn’t.

Here are screenshots of what happens. If the part is copied and overlaps another part, the overlapped part disappears (I moved the copy up into another track to illustrate). There’s probably something I’m missing but I can’t see what the problem is if it isn’t the MIDI record mode.


First piano part copied and overlaps the second

Overlapped portion of second part erased

I think this is the preference that will help if you deactivate it.

  1. Preference: Editing → Delete Overlaps is active. From my notes:

Activates/Deactivates. When activated: Moving an audio event/midi part so that it overlaps another one will delete the overlapped area. Note: Overlapping that occurs due to recording does not delete overlaps immediately. You must move the overlapping event a little bit, and only then do the overlapped areas get deleted.

So, if you deactivate the preference, you can duplicate the first part. It will overlap the second part with the downward arpeggio, ok, but you can immediately use glue to make these into a bigger part, or you can resize them, do as you like. The point is, the overlap will not get deleted.

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Hi, John

I have a problem with your second screenshot as it seems that no MIDI parts are overlapping. usually a common area of two MIDI parts, one overlapping the other, appears as a hatched one, like this :



I did the same as you, recording two different parts, and using the Duplicate command on the first one, to get these screenshots. I searched again if there wasn’t a well hidden setting in the preferences, to no avail. So, could you post a screenshot of the Key Editor, showing the same parts after having been previously selected ?

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Thank you so much, ggmanestraki - that worked! I have absolutely no idea how that option activated itself (perhaps it happened with the update) but it is now deactivated and everything works fine.

Thank you again - it’s much appreciated

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Hi, @ggmanestraki

You were right. I completely forgot the Preferences > Editing section, searching in the MIDI one. :+1:


Do you even know how many times I need to search time and time again for the stuff I myself have written? :sweat_smile: I wish we had a search field for preferences inside Cubase, there are so many of them and I always look for them at the wrong place. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Same here, actually. And I remember that there has been at least one feature request in the past, about a search function in the preferences.

Usually, when looking for a preference setting, I use the search function in… PDF X-Change Viewer with the Cubase Operation manual PDF opened… :smile:


Exactly where I was going wrong, too :grin:

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