Copying/pasting notes with/without cc's


I’m searching a quick way to toggle between copying/pasting notes with cc’s and copying/pasting notes without cc’s. I know the possibility of changing settings in Preferences>Note input and editing, but that is a little bit cumbersome.

There’s no quicker way than toggling that option in Preferences. Can you say a bit more about why you find yourself needing to change this setting often? I’m curious to learn more about your requirements.

Hi Daniel,
when I compose, I work on writing notes and how a melody should be played at the same time. For example, I use Timbre Adjust (tool in Synchron Player). It is different for every instrument. Also, one instrument can require a different dynamic than another. If I want to have a melody played by another instrument, I would like to paste without cc’s, but if a certain instrument plays a melody 2 times, then taking along cc’s is very useful of course.

In the meantime I found a solution for now, namely with reduce and explode. As long as an instrument passage doesn’t have more than one note at a time, I can use explode to paste without including cc’s, and if there are several notes at once I can use reduce to paste without cc’s!
I then use the regular paste to paste notes together with cc’s.
Of course this only works if the function of reduce and explode is not extended to the cc data…