Copying players with gradual style dynamics

I have a bass tuba part where with crescendo dynamics. The crescendo is sometimes a hairpin and sometimes written as cresc. (the original sheet music I have to rewrite). I have copied the bass tuba part to a bass clarinet and baritone saxophone. That parts only show the hairpin instead of the changed gradual style.

In FULL SCORE the changed gradual style cresc. is also changed to a hairpin.

Is this how it works or is this a little bug?

The properties for dynamic appearance are layout-specific, so when you copy them from one layout to another, those properties don’t apply in the new layout. I think we should review this as part of our overall review of how to square the circle of allowing properties to be as independent as possible, but also provide sensible options for copying them when you want to copy them.

Thanks Daniel, I understand the problem.

Hi Daniel, For what it is worth, I would appreciate it if I didn’t have to do these things twice. I would much prefer to make a change to the appearance between layouts when DIFFERENT as opposed to the way it is now. I spend a lot of time fixing the appearances to make them the same between layouts at the moment. Appreciate your review of this topic.

You’re not alone, Kevin. As I say, we need to find a solution for this that makes it possible to keep things in sync between layouts but without compromising the ability for them to differ, as that is one of the unique strength’s of Dorico’s approach to linked or dynamic parts.