Copying plug-in presets from Windows to Mac.


I’m in the middle of the process of copying all my projects from a Windows computer (running Cubase 5.1) to a Mac OS X Lion (running Cubase Artist 6.5). I have installed almost all the same plug-ins on my Mac that I used on my Windows computer. Not all of them were available for Mac.

Is there a way to copy the plug-in presets? I know about the AppData folder. Could I just copy an .xml file from there? If so, which one? I’d like to be able to use at least the presets I’ve created to the standard plug-ins that come with cubase, for example the reverbs, delays and compressors.

  • KNude

Is there a way to copy the plug-in presets?

You mean the Cubase vst3 presets, or plugin internal presets.
For the first, copy the presets from the PC´s vst3 user presets folder to the Mac´s vst3 user presets folder.
For the second do the same, but from the specific Plugins save folders.

Hello and thank you for your quick response!

I copied the .vstpreset -files from c:/users/username/AppData/Roaming/VST3 Presets and pasted them to /Library/Audio/Presets/ on my Mac. The bundled Cubase vst3-effects found my own presets with no problem, but the third party plugins didn’t.
I thought that with the Import FXP / FXB option found under the effects’ preset icon I could activate my own presets, but I can’t. I can browse to the preset folders, but for some reason the .vstpreset-files are grey, so I can’t choose them.

Any ideas?