Copying Project Info data to flows

The Project Info data is useful, but the ability to update the info when there are several flows seems limited. I needed to fix a misspelling in my Copyright Info, so I needed to fix it three times - in the project and the two flows. Copying data back and forth is only useful at the outset, because quickly the data gets customized for each flow.

An option to view “All” to edit the fields that are the same in the project and all flows could be useful. Adobe Lightroom works this way when you have multiple images selected. The fields that are different say [multiple values].
An option to copy individual fields to the rest of the flows might also be good. However, the interface would get messy.

My two cents, thanks!

Copy/Paste would seem one way to save work moving data between similar fields in flows.

If you have fields that are the same for all flows, like copyright information, then edit your master pages so that they use e.g. {@projectCopyright@} rather than {@flowCopyright@}

That way you only have to make changes once.

Ah! @pianoleo, that’s the concept I was looking for. Thanks.
@Derrek, I was picturing a song cycle with many movements and trying to keep the data synchronized. It would be very easy to mess up when copying and pasting in, say, 10 different flows.