Copying projects to new PC -- Audio is "detached" from tracks, in spite of being in pool

Thanks all for your input. I think I will backup my files, print my audio and try updating Cubase tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

Great suggestion I’ll look into it as well !

It’s a long shot, and you have probably decided on the course of action, but:

Could the preference “Treat Muted Audio Events as Deleted” have anything to do with this? Are you using a user profile when going from laptop to desktop? Maybe there is some difference between their preferences?

Well, I have updated my laptop’s Cubase 11 to the latest version and was quite happy to see that the projects still worked just fine ! I did another archive, hoping that the newly updated version may have some bug fixes that would prevent the issue, but alas, the same thing happened. And what I think is weird, and could be a lead onto the solution, is that it is always the same clips that are missing. So it’s not something that randomly occurs. Now again, all the files are in the “Audio” folder and they are all named accordingly (ie: Tom_357, Snare_123, etc.) And it’s always an entire strip, so for example, the “xxx_647” strip is all missing - again, not something random. Now why is this happening, I still have no clue. Again, they are all still in the Pool, and when I insert them at origin, they show up like nothing was wrong…

So weird… but it sounds like you are on to something…