Copying properties of flows

If I make a new flow it does not inherit or copy all the properties of the existing flow (such as barline customisation in engrave mode). Is there any way to propagate all the flow properties to another one? I know flows can be duplicated. Is that how you are meant to do this? Duplicate flow and delete all the bars?

And a subsidiary question related to this. Can you delete non-empty pages? I suppose the bar popover and delete bars if not?

Bracket and Barline changes have signposts. Try copying and pasting the signpost from bar 1 of the source flow to bar 1 of the destination flow.

As for “non-empty” pages, that depends what’s on them. Is it music that flows freely through the MA Music Frame Chain? If so, what would deleting such a page achieve? If not, how about removing the page overrides for that page, from the right panel of Engrave mode, or swapping with previous or next page (which shunts the overrides forwards or backwards).

Re your second question: Do you want the music to be deleted, or not? If so, then delete the music. Dorico will lay out what music there is onto as many pages as will fit.

If you want to have a flow in the project but not have it appear automatically, remove it from the MA frame chain (or whatever frame chain is set up on your First/Default page templates).

To change the default bracketing approach for all flows in a layout, go to Layout Options > Brackets and Braces. Overrides (bracket and barline change signposts) apply from their position onwards, up to the end of the flow.

What would happen if one added a measure or two to an existing flow and then split the added measures into a separate flow?

@Derrek dose not work unfortunately.

@Lillie_Harris unfortunately does not do what I need, which is this organ style bracketing, also combined with Mensurstrich style barring, used by my composer colleague as default.


[yes pedal is in 2/4 and top in 1/4, but this is not really relevant.]

It’s a pity to have to do so many things manually in Dorico. Just saying.

Arguably, Dorico is the notation app with the least manual intervention.

Have you tried copying the signpost, as Leo suggested?

If that’s what you need, create a blank flow with that style and then duplicate it.
(In my opera scores, I needed many flows with custom bracketing. I always duped the flow before starting work on it, so there would be another ready for next time. Then delete any spare blanks when finished.)