Copying text across all part layouts

Sorry to be back so soon. I can’t find a topic that covers just this.
Having got a set of parts ready I notice that performance instructions appear only on the parts above which they’re written in the full score. Like “Leggiero, tranquillo” which is above the piccolo and violins 1 staff appears only on their parts but not on other parts.
I can type them in on the other 24 parts.

But is there a way of applying text like this to all parts automatically?

Thank you if you can suggest a way or otherwise. I’m asking as I’m just about to deal with a new score.

If you want text to apply to all pats but only appear at specific positions in the score, add it as system-attached text. It then appears at system object positions.

You could also add “Leggiero, tranquillo” as tempo text, if you wanted.

Many thanks for the quick response. Works exactly as wanted.

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