Copying time warped events

If I time warp or pitch correct an audio event this information is locked to all copies of the event. Is there a way to copy an event and it’s warp/pitch information without having to bounce the audio to a new event first?

It IS copied in the clip. To copy without the warping, you’d probably make the copy, render the clip and then undo the warping on your original.
Even copying first, the warp changes you make are mirrored in the copied clip.

I don’t think you understand, I want to:

  • do some time warp to a clip
  • make a copy of that clip
  • the time warp info on the copy not be liked to the original

So I want the time warp information to be copied to the duplicate but when changing the time warp on the duplicate it not change the warping on the original.

I can’t see any way to make the clips independent other that rendering the original, this is a problem because I don’t want to necessarily bake in the time warp from the original before making changes.