Copying to clipboard erases redo history

I’ve run into a lot of situations where I want to undo back to a previous point where I had certain notes selected, copy them, and then redo back to the front so I can paste them. This is a somewhat risky but extremely useful workflow I use in many different types of programs. But in Dorico the copy action wipes out the redo history. Is there any reason this has to happen?

Hi, Vaaaan,

I reported a similar thing in the following thread:

After updating to Dorico 3.1, the problem seems not to occur, but I am not sure. I could not find any reproducible workflow and could not create any reproducible example. The developers cannot fix it without reproducible workflow or example… This is a problem regarding this issue.

This is a different issue than what you’re describing in that thread. I’m talking about something that’s easily reproducible:

  1. select a note
  2. delete the note
  3. undo (note reappears and is selected)
  4. copy the selected note
    At this point you should be able to redo the deletion from step 2, but you can’t because the redo history is reset.

What’s happening here is that Dorico thinks on some level that the copy operation is undoable, which it shouldn’t be. We’ll look at changing this in a future version.