Copying track MIDI data into subdivided 2nd track


Suppose I have single origin track with 100 measures of MIDI data (in a single part).
Now suppose a I have a 2nd track, currently empty, divided into 100 parts (1 part per measure).

My goal is to copy all the MIDI data from the origin track into the 2nd track such that each of the 100 parts gets it’s one measure of the MIDI data (allowing me to subsequently treat the data on a per-part basis for rearranging, etc.).

I’ve so far not been able to figure out how to do it. The closest I’ve come is to use the In-Place Editor to copy all the data from the origin track and then paste it into the destination track, but the problem is that all the data winds up in a single part (which is pointless here).

Can someone guide me on how to accomplish this?

(I’m working with Cubase Pro 8.5, so I have all abilities of the program available to me.)

Extra background: In the attached picture, the bottom track is the empty track. I was able to create it from the top track by copying the track, deleting all the data in the In-Place editor, and then using the Logical Editor to do the part renaming. So far so good. Now I need to blow the data from the middle track into the bottom track, having it end up in the successive parts (like the tediously by-hand created top track, but without the tedium). Definitely aiming to avoid having to re-type each individual part name by hand!

If I understand you correctly, your best bet is to simply delete the empty parts on the 2nd track and copy all of the parts from the first track (Select all the parts and then Alt/Drag to copy them).

Actually, just re read your post and now I THINK I understand what you want to do. You should copy your long 100 measure part over to the new track. You can then use the scissor tool + the Alt key to cut it into one hundred individual parts of the same length with just a single click. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Thanks for your reply. The problem with just copying and scissoring is that all the naming is lost and has to be recreated one part at a time by hand. This is what I really want to avoid.

It turns out the parts can be renamed in bulk by the Project Logical Editor. Yay!

Aaah, yes… good solution!