copyprotection button be working

looking forward for the upcoming wavelab 8.
hope there will be some functions working again as in wavelab 6.
one of the two things i’d be glad if it worked again is the copyprotecion button in the montage-window.
per default every track has it’s cp-box ticked on. it’s quite uncomfortable to untick 30+ tracks if one do not need copyprotection.

(the other problem is the not working q-metric plugin in wl 7 - but that’s another story)


FWIW and subject to what PG might say, ‘copy protect’ in the WL context is part of the Red Book specifications and offered protection in relation to consumer SPDIF … the intention being to prevent CDs being digitally copied to digital tape eg DATs.

This spec s from a long time ago. In the ‘real world’ there is probably nothing to be gained by ‘unchecking’ the Copy Protect boxes.

well, it might be that someone gets hindered copying a cd cause he has to remove 20 ticks on 20 boxes in the wavelab-audio montage window in order to burn a cd without copyprotection, but that’s not my case. i do liverecordings for bands who asked me to, and it’s just a bit bothering to untick 20 boxes every time i want to burn a cd from the audiomontage.
especially because unticking only one button for all tracks worked in wavelab 6…

PG, please fix this in upcoming 8.0.3