Copyright is hidden by half...

hi, I attached a screenshot with a copyright entry at the bottom of one of my Dorico projects.
As you can see, the upper part is cuttet and I tried every settings in the setups more than one time, but nothing helps.
When I start a new project/Flow, as example “solo/pinao” the copyright is shown perfect.
I think this problem comes with the last Update, but I’m not sure.
I use Dorico now for ca. 5-6 weeks, and did the most stuff I’m working on now, before the update comes.
After the update to 3.1 (Elements) there comes an info box, when I open the “before files” into the new version and I accept that now the old file will be converted into a new version file.
I´m absolute sure, that the problem wasn´t before. There are printouts which show me that in perfect.

One way for me would be to transfer the ca. 20 actual flows into a new 3.1 project, with a perfect copyright.
But I’ve no idea, how I can do that :frowning:

Thanks for help,

Maybe there’s a stray return character in your copyright line?

You mean a hidden sign in my copyright line?
I don’t think so…

Yes, your copyright line almost certainly ends with a line break, which obviously is not visible on your second screen shot.

guys, that helps perfect.
thanks so much… :slight_smile: