Hi, I want to make Copyright to my piano piece, So from project Info I add my name It shows in first page But not with the second and so on

That’s because the 2nd page onwards uses the “Default” master page format, whereas the first page uses the “First” master page format. By default, the “First” master page includes the {@projectCopyright@} token but the “Default” master page does not. You can edit the “Default” master page in Engrave mode (double-click it in the Pages panel on the right of the window, which opens the master page editor for that master page)

I Make Copyright in second page “Default” as a {@projectcopyist@} Is this the correct way ?

If you’ve gone to Engrave mode, double-clicked the Default master page to open the master page editor, added a text frame at the bottom of both pages, and entered the {@projectCopyright@} token (which you can also add by right-clicking in the text frame and selecting it from the menu) then yes :slight_smile:

By adding it to the master page, and not just directly on the pages in the layout in front of you, it automatically appears on all pages that use the master page, not just the single page you edited.

Many Thanks To you
I Make it it so easy

See the pic is it like this ?

Is that your Default master page? You’re using the “copyist” token, not the “copyright” token but if that’s the field in File>Project Info where you’ve put your copyright information, it’ll still work correctly.

You’ve copied the frames from Left to Right, so on the right-hand page, your page number token is in the top left corner, rather than the top right (where it is by default). You might want to move that small page number token over to the other side of the page.

Amazing. Done, Thanks to you This Is the default page

The second page title it’s a {@flowTitle@} As you can see in the image. Is it the wright way? The other question also is I can’t change the name ! :frowning: I’m really sorry for taking your time

If you want to show the flow title in that frame at the top of all pages that use that master page, then sure - it depends what you mean by “right way”, master pages are basically just tools to let you get the page formatting that you want. If that’s what you want, then great!

Changing the name - do you mean for the flow title? You can do that by renaming the flow in Setup mode, but if that’s not working, go to File>Project Info, select the required flow in the list on the left, and change the information on the right as required. (By default, the flow title in Project Info is the same as the flow name in Setup mode until you edit the title in Project Info, at which point that link is broken.) If you’ve entered all the information for the “Project” rather than the “Flow”, you can copy the information across in Project Info - or, just use the {@projectTitle@} token instead.

I started to understand the work of dorico. Thank you

Hi, is there a way to do this on the Dorico iPad?
I would like for the copyright to show on the other pages. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you would need to create a new (default) Master Page in Dorico Pro; you can not yet do that in any version of iPad Dorico.

Even with a subscription, iPad Dorico is more or less parallel to Dorico Elements and lacks most of the Pro features at this time.

Is there a way to import a master page with this capability? And if possible, is there anyone here that could facilitate one lol! Sorry, I don’t have dorico for desktop. IF I could do this with the iPad only that will be great!


Importing Master Page Sets is also a function limited to Dorico Pro, so someone would have to take your file into Dorico Pro to combine it with the new Master Page. Here is a minimal Dorico file with one instrument and a revised Default Master Page. If you set up the file with your instruments, you could try to copy and paste the note info from your existing file into it. Best of luck.
copyrightTemplate210824.dorico (530.9 KB)

how do I import it into dorico for iPad?

You should be able to open the file I sent and configure it to match your instrument setup. Then you select all from your old file and paste it into the new one. Be sure the new file has a different name than your old one so one does not overwrite or become confused with your original.