Cor d'harmonie?

I’ve been inputting Messiaen’s Turangalîla Symphony for fun, and I thought I would use the wonderful Instrument names language feature -

When I do this, all the instrument names appear in French, magnifique - except “Cor” is “Cor d’harmonie,” which I don’t think I have ever seen in an orchestral score.

I will happily defer to Marc Larcher et al., but at least for folks in the US, it would be nice to have it just say “Cor.”

If anyone’s interested, here is the first half of the first movement.
Messiaen-Turangalila.dorico (1.5 MB)


Thanks for this and the many other Dorico files of major works you’ve offered here. They are invaluable for studying and test purposes.


If you assign the instrument “Horn” to a player in setup mode rather than “French Horn,” then when you change the language for instrument names to French you will get “Cor” rather than “Cor d’harmonie.”


Ah, merci beaucoup!