"Coraz贸n" a Rock Song made with UR824 and Cubase 7

Well nothing fancy just a little indie rock song :blush:

All the work was maded with Cubase 7 and recorded with an UR824 and sometimes a Focusrite Oktopre MKII as Slave. :nerd:

Mixed with stock plugins and some Plug&Mix Plugins. :ugeek:


Awesome work. It sounds great, and it certainly hits all the great 鈥渞ock鈥 buttons. A great hook, and some nice sounding and nicely performed guitar. I can鈥檛 do stuff like this. I鈥檓 particularly impressed with how your able to balance a 鈥渂ig鈥 and thick sound without things getting overwhelming and becoming a sort of 鈥渨all of noise鈥. Really nice.

Thank you for your kind words SLD Music :slight_smile:

MTV鈥檚 Censored version: http://bit.ly/CorazonMTV