Core2 E6700 to Quad Q6700 ?

My system-setup is Win_7 x64 , 8GB memory, CPU Core2 E6700, (use CUBASE 5). Can anyone advise, if worth to do upgrade to Core2 Quad Q6700 ? (my mainboard /chipset 965/ does not accept higher processor). Will I have a increased performance especially in the use of many plug-ins simultaneously ? thanks :unamused:

I made nearly this exact switch, something like 5 years ago, on my previous system, which was based on a Gygabyte mobo (GA-P35-DS4, if I remember well). The processor was an E-6750 running under Windows XP.

I did so, because my DAW was having problems handling some of my EmulatorX presets involving many samples (piano ones). The ASIO usage with Cubase 4 and 5 was too high after adding several others VSTis in my projects.

Took me only 10 minutes to do the switch and the result was close to spectacular : a decrease of 40 % of both the ASIO usage and the CPU one. So, if you can do the switch, don’t hesitate : it’s worth every cents you will throw for it.

Thank for the advice … :smiley: