CoreMIDI problem


While starting Nuendo 7.0.40 I am getting message: Could not connect to CoreMIDI. You Should restart your System.

Obviously restart does not help. I had same issue before and then it went away but it comes back randomly.

Then I delete some drivers and plist file. Sometimes it works but not always.

Ableton Live has no problems recognizing midi devices. What is the problem with Nuendo then?

Any ideas?

Best Regards

You are right, it sounds like a driver problem.
Can you identify who is the culprit? Is it the prism sound?

Hey Oliver,

Ableton Live recognizes all midi devices without any problems. But Nuendo is strange. Definitely not Prism Sound as I don’t use it for midi. I got Motu midi express 128, CC121 and Evolution MK-249 as midi devices.
Nuendo shows no midi devices connected. But it was fine a week ago:)
So question is why Ableton works fine and Nuendo is not?

What steps to take to get it working again?


Actually looks like its Evolution MK-249 keyboard who makes the mess.

If I insert it to the usb after Nuendo is lauched then it appears all ok. But if I start Nuendo with Evolution insterted then it gives core midi error. And I have to remove it manually from midi devices setup to make coremidi work again. Strange problem.

Inserting Evolution to another USB port seems to work fine now. Hopefully it will work tomorrow as well:)

Still problems with Nuendo 7.0.40 and CoreMIDI. It worked today then I quit Nuendo and restarted and again the message about unable to connect to COREMIDI came.

It seems related to CC121 to me. Worked fine before I installed CC121. Any update on the drivers coming soon?

CC121 working here without any problems every day.

Lucky You!

For me its not stable. Tho I found a solution. Nuendo loads properly if I have MIDI Monitor app running. Some strange voodoo here.