correct 7.1 channels available in nuendo 6?


I’d like to know if the dolby corrected 7.1 output is going to (finally) be available in Nuendo 6.

  1. Front Left
    2 . Front Right
  2. Center
  3. LFE
  4. Surround Left
  5. Surround Right
  6. Back Surround Left
  7. Back Surround Right.

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Hmmmm …
Isn’t that exactly what 7.1 Cine setting is like?


Is it?

The 7.1. Cine format represents the “older” Sony
SDDS format using 5 front speaker. cheers, Tino

I’m sorry, I meant to say 7.1 Music.
That’s the format with the two extra back surrounds.

My mistake.


So are you going to support what seems to be the “current” dolby layout as well then, or just the “old” Sony one?

Have you checked the 7.1 Music config?


No I haven’t. I’m just wondering if they’re going to I guess double up on it and relabel one. This question pops up regularly ever since the free channel assignment was taken away and it seems sort of obvious to me that the thing to do is make sure all the major channel assignments are available and labeled correctly. I certainly don’t see a reason why a format such as 7.1 (Dolby) isn’t included if people are actually using it to mix films.

Who mixes music for 7.1?

Of course the best solution would be to be able to create your own configuration, as you can in Pro Tools, and even Reaper.


Occasionally, I do. Most recent project was for Beady Eye. Broadcaster required a non standard channel config so Nuendo could not be used. Pro Tools was used instead. Fredo, will Nuendo be returning to free channel assignment to allow for non standard configurations?

AFAIK, not on short term.

How are PT and Reaper handling the relation of speakers, their corresponding levels, panning between speakers, panners, and up/downmixing/converting of channels, whenever you set up some exotic surround config?
The old N1 customized speaker config worked for very exotic surround configs, but it would never have worked for setting up a standard, calibrated format.


Why would it not have worked for standard calibrated formats?

True, but all I’m wanting to do is set a multi channel group, so that I can feed 8 stereo instruments into it and nsert one instance of SPAT. Currently it is a real pain.


Just imagine that you would “customize” you simple stereo setup.
You move the right speaker 5 meters to the back and 5 meters to the right.

Question: would panning a mono course in the Center still provide you a perfect Ghost center?
Would a LCR folddown to stereo still work?
Etc …

Maybe an exaggerated example, but you should get the idea.


I think we misunderstood each other. I thought you mean that with free routing the actual standard routings like a 5.1 cinema format wouldn’t have worked. But I see now that’s not what you were talking about.

Having said that though I think your point is a bit moot though since I’m betting many of those who would take advantage of “free routing” would be able to compensate for what you’re talking about. Obviously if some routing is custom it’s up to the creator to create the what needs to happen, or adjust to it, if you know what I mean.


Custom speakers configurations would be really useful when mixing for custom installations/events.

Don´t think will have it on nuendo 6 if I remember correctly.