Correct 'definition' of audio recording

Hi, I have an audio piano recording of 5 minutes in 12/8 meter that is recorded a bit sloppy with regards to timing. I would like to use Cubase 12 pro to make the timing better ‘on the beat’, sort of audio quantizing it and be able to manipulate the tempo of the audio track.

I think I should use the ‘definition’ tab in the left panel of the sample editor, fill in the number of bars and press ‘auto adjust’. Now I see that the markers of the grid are positioned mostly correct, but at some places there is one marker too much or one marker is skipped.

So I try to use ‘manual adjust’. But if a marker has been skipped by the ‘auto adjust’, I cannot just add it. I can only move the existing markers/gridlines. So if I want to insert a marker I basically have to manually move each and every marker after the missing marker one beat to the left.

If I use the “set bar position(move following bars)” it also shifts some of the markers on the left and, what’s worse, none of the markers on the right of the barline is snapped to the beat any more. So I will once again have to move every marker manually. What am I doing wrong?

I do this on a regular basis.

You can try Tempo Detection - which will build a set of points following your music, but it is inevitably limited.

I generally set points manually:

Set time signature
Set Grid to Bar (initially, you can set to individual crotchets or finer points later on)
Activate Tempo Track (in the transport)
Switch metronome on
Set initial tempo to be roughly correct bpm
Set first beat of music onto a bar by moving the event start point
Set mouse tool to Timewarp/Warp to grid
Pull the vertical barlines sideways to match each bar
Continue through the piece, picking up every few bars if timing is close, or getting into the details as needed.

it takes some practice, but works really well. you should end up with a piece which is unchanged, but to which your metronome fits.

Go back to normal mouse pointer

Next, highlight the event/s and go Audio> Advanced> Set definition from tempo. This sets the audio to “Musical Mode” (same as ticking the boxes in the Pool)

You can now try switching off the Tempo Map and setting a strict tempo, or you can go into into the Tempo Track Editor (Cntrl T) and change any node. Alternatively you can add a Tempo Track and edit the nodes on the Arrange Page

I may have some of the terminology a bit mixed up, as I haven’t read the manual in years, but it works really well. No doubt there will be tutorials around too.

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Do what @Parrotspain suggests.

Here’s a video showing the process.

thanks a lot, this solves it. I was looking in the wrong place.
I did have to edit almost every beat manually though! I converted the hitpoints into events; after that I could snap the grid points using the timewarp tool with ‘snap to event’. That helped a bit.
thanks again.

thanks, that is a very clear explanation video