Correct installation

Hi, I want to install T-RackS 5 Deluxe, as you know these are plugins. Kindly tell me where can I install it? Because I want when I open Cubase they should show easily and work.
Do I need to install them in Cubase VST plugin folder? or can I install it anywhere else?

it depends. Generally you can install anywhere you want if they are VST 2.
There is a dedicated chapter about “installing and managing VST Plugins” in the cubase manual - read it! And also the info of your plugins.

After you’ve installed T-Racks you’ll get a vst in Cubase that contains all the plugins that are available within T-Racks.

Perfect install, Thanks.
next is kindly tell me, how to mono rendering, as you know drums or bass need mono render so guide me. Thanks.

Need? No.

If you want to render as mono, set up the export dialog to render as mono (export audio mixdown).

Sorry but can you give me some more details, how can i do this, kindly.

well don Thank-you :sunglasses:

You’re welcome. Glad to help.