Correct player numerals with two "variant" scores


It seems I’ve run into a minor condensing issue now based on something I did previously. I have a file where I basically have two orchestral score “variants”, one with a simplified part for the french horns and one with the regular part. As a result I have twice the number of French Horns that you would normally have, and have two full scores, but half are excluded from one score and half from the other. The issue I ran into is that on one score I would see the labels Horns 1-4 and on the other score the horns labelled Horns 5-8, whereas I wanted both versions to say 1-4 even though I had a total of 8 horns in the file. I had worked around this previously by setting “show transposition” to “never” and writing “Horn in F 1” into the full name of Horn 5 so that it I could have a way of forcing the printed numeral back to 1, and that worked fine.

In version 3 this workaround is not ideal given the new condensing routine which now has no idea those are the same instrument since I typed the player numerals into the names manually. It still condenses them properly, but I end up with the full instrument names unnecessarily repeated. I’m wondering if it might be possible in the future (no rush) to have some sort of manual override for the player numeral, which would show up on the score and on the part?

Alternatively, maybe there is a better way that I can solve this problem - I could use a single score with ossias but they feel a bit clunky here. Obviously I could split this into two files and that would get rid of the problem, but then I would have to make potential changes in other instruments in both files manually later.


Would making each set of four horns into a Group help with the numbering and condensing?

That looks promising and may very well work - but it seems making the groups while I have condensing enabled causes Dorico to crash. Let me try turning off condensing and then hopefully I should be able to make the groups.

Thank you, that seems to have worked perfectly - feature request withdrawn. However it seems in the interim, I may have discovered a new bug where when you group existing instruments and condensing is enabled, Dorico crashes completely. I had to disable condensing before making the group changes to prevent the crash.

In general there’s no problem with grouping players when condensing is enabled, so I’d be interested to see your crash logs so that we can see what might be going on, please.