Correct size of treble clef glyph?

I’m importing a treble clef as SVG. It looks "normal"size in Illustrator,

but when I import it, it’s YUGE.

What’s the “correct” dimensions of a treble clef? I know I can position and scale it through trial and error, but I’d prefer to just make it the right size to start with.

Hi @dan_kreider , in Illustrator it is showing the clef at 47,52%, so if it would be at 100% it would appear huge also in Illustrator.

If you open the SMuFL G Clef in Music Symbols, you can maybe count the vertical and horizontal number of the little squares (that form the grid) that the default clef occupies, and set your SVG clef to occupy the same squares amount (the Dorico Bravura G Clefs seems to occupy 13,2 X 35,1 squares) or you could load the SVG superimposing it to the default one, and adjusting it there, and see what the values are… And then using another clef that you never use, to import the SVG clef and set the values there, and deleting the default one.
(I am not an expert at all in this field, this are just suggestions on how I would do it… :slight_smile: )

Here a ruff try:

Thanks! I ended up just figuring out the correct scaling for the clef and applying it to each file.

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