correct way to update to 6.5 from version 5??

Hello: I have cubase version 5 ( last patch version)
What is the correct way to upgrade to 6.5? Do I need to uninstall version 5 first then install 6 and patch to 6.5 or is 6.5 a full install?? Is uninstalling preferable in cubase world?? Thanks.

Cubase 6 will install in a different folder than Cubase 5, so you can keep them both installed. Cubase 6.5 update will overwrite Cubase 6.

Evidently Cubase 6.5 Trial is a full install and will not overwrite Cubase 6 (this according to Chris B. in another post). I don’t know if this means that one could install the trial instead of the iupdate and then have the dongle unlock it??

Might have to try that on my other computer.


Edit - According to another user, the trial DOES overwrite C6.