Correcting Bar Offset when 1st bar shows as bar 0

My score shows bar 1 numbered as bar 0. :thinking:

Can someone please tell me where I can correct the bar offset in Dorico, I’ve searched he manual and can’t find it.

Many thanks.

Is your first bar a pick-up bar by any chance? Perhaps you could share the project? Getting that right will be easier than handling bar number changes manually.

It’s not a pick up bar, no, but the score came into Dorico from an imported XML file.

Sorry can’t post project files for © reasons, but can provide screenshots , viz:


I fixed it! :smiley:

  1. In Write mode, select first beat of first bar.
  2. Edit>Bar Numbers>Insert Bar Number Change
  3. Click ‘Primary’ tab
  4. Change Primary value from 0 to 1
  5. Click OK.


Could you message me the project privately? You can of course handle bar number changes manually, but it would be better to understand why it’s working this way so that a) you know for the future, and b) to make sure it’s the best solution.

Please see solution I think I found, above. Primary bar number from the imported XML file, seemed to have been set to zero.

Yes, that’s in the link in my last comment – if you’re happy with that solution, fine, but I would be happy to take a look at the project in case there’s a better solution.

Thanks again Lillie. Much appreciated.

Is this thread from 2 weeks ago possibly related? Normally you would delete a bar number change at the beginning to restore it to 1.