Correcting Timing of Folder Tracks?

Hi, I’ve recorded a guitar part for someone in Cubase 7 and need to correct some minor timing errors. I’ve recorded the guitar with 2 microphones and a DI, hence there are 3 tracks, that I have set up in a folder track. Could anyone suggest the best way to correct the timing for all 3 tracks? I’m guessing I need to use the Sample Editor, but having read the manual several times am still not sure which method would be best. Thanks!

Enable the group editing button on the folder track (=). If your tracks have exact the same length they will behave as one regarding cuts, sliding, fades + crossfades.

If they have different lenghts for whatever reasons Cubase will tell you that group editing might not work. Cut them together on front and end in this case. Be sure to have zero crossing disabled, otherwise you might end up with events of different lengths again.

Now you’re prepared for cutting, moving, crossfading multiple tracks at once. Works great.

Another method - as you mention the sample editor - is to bounce the three tracks to a 3 channel file (i.e. LCR). Then, and only then, you can use audio warp in the sample editor and be sure that phase coherency is maintained.
To monitor you can use the Mix6to2 plugin (sort of an inline level mixer). After edits are done you can split up the file back into 3 individual channels.

That’s great. Thank you for your reply!