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Hi all

I think I have accidentally changed a setting in the ‘correction’ tab and need help to track that down please.

I am manually editing a wav file M/S switching between the waveform and spectogram as I do everyday since WL 9.5.

Suddenly, the waveform edit does this: select one 3 ms click to edit and the 3 ms selection auto expands to 7-8 ms.

I cannot stop it from doing this. I cannot reduce the 7-8 selection back to 3 ms either. It has never done this before I am guessing I have accidentally changed a setting?

Any ideas which setting that would be?

I closed WL (current build) and re-launched with the same result. I have also restarted the machine.

WL current build Win 10 current build.


Try to uncheck this

No … there’s no change in behavior.

I checked and uncheck the box.

Can you show some pictures, or a small video, to better understand your case.

I went to do the screenshots and for some reason it is now working as usual!?!

The only thing I did was close WL after unchecking/rechecking the box … launched another app … closed that … and then re launched WL.

I really have no idea what happened but thanks for your help.


Just an update … this was caused by a rookie error: somehow, I had accidentally checked ‘Zero-Crossing’ in the Edit menu.

This probably happened when moving the cursor up/across to select Correction tab or something. I just did not notice it as I never have it checked.

Apologies and thanks for your efforts at helping.

Zero Crossing

This can be checked if the option I showed you in my previous post is ON. This option ON is precisely present for the kind of editing you are doing, when zooming-in deeply.

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