Correction of Midi recording of Q-Triplets, Is there a shorter way

After Midi Recording I had to correct wrong Quarter Triplets in beat 3 and 4, see Screenshot below.
2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets
Do you know if there is maybe a shorter or more efficient way to make such corrections. See steps and screenshots below, I needed 5 steps to get to the final correction.
Steps of correction:

  1. I deleted the 3 (Triplet sign) above note D on beat 3. This changed the note values to a quarter note on beat 3 and two eight notes on beat 4.
    2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets correction 1
  2. Now I have added on the following bar the red separation line, so that the possible note values could not pass over to the next bar. But the Insert mode (I) still not yet activated. Then in Triplet popup (ö) I entered for the selected notes on beat 3 and 4 the proportion 3:2 with q at the end for quarter note triplets.
    2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets correction 2
  3. The result has been finally quarter note triplets on beat 3 and 4, however with 2 eight notes on the 2nd and 3rd triplet.
    2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets correction 3
  4. Now I activated the Insert mode by pressing shortcut I and selected the 2nd eight note triplet and changed the value to a quarter note triplet by pressing 6.
    2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets correction 4
  5. Finally I corrected the left 3rd eight note triplet into a quarter note triplet by pressing 6 on this selected note again.
    2023-03-07 MidiRec Q-Triplets correction 5

You could probably have re-quantized just that bar. Select the bar, Edit>Requantize… Set to quantize quavers, and detect triplet crotchets.

Edit: Method without re-quantize. Insert ON. Delete the tuplet. Select the 3 notes you want in the new tuplet. 6 (to make them all crotchets. ;3:2 (to create the tuplet). Insert OFF.

The re-quantize did not bring the expected result. However you’re 2nd proposal worked fine. Thanks a lot.