Correction Tab

I posted this already on the German Forum, but got no help and/or reaction. I use the German version, therefore I don’t know, if all the translations of the names of the functions are correct.

I’m trying to improve my understanding of the Correction tab in the audio editor. Above all, I am looking for tips and / or explanations for the settings for error detection, but also for error correction. When does which setting make sense?
I’m currently trying to practice and test how far I can save a concert recording that is mercilessly overdriven.
First I normalized the level to -1 dB and now try to improve the crackling and artifacts with the correction options. I’ve googled quite a bit and searched on YouTube, but all I found is, that I should try what I do for yourself. But there must be reasons for the recognition presets and correction functions. Unfortunately, I also find the manual a bit meager.
Maybe someone can give me some help.