Correspondence bettween Mouse Wheel inc/dec and Value Change in dB?

If I use the Mouse Wheel and just move it +/- one increment, does that correspond to a specific reduction in dB to the Audio Fader on the Mix Console?

Can this be set or adjusted to a specific amount?
One Mouse Wheel +/- = 0.2 dB, or
One Mouse Wheel +/- = 0.5dB,

This would be helpful in setting basic levels – comparing noticeable differences in level.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


No, you can’t set this.

I think some gaming mice might let you adjust the resolution of the wheel. Mine (Logictech G500) does not do this.

Futher Observations:

  1. Mouse Wheel Scroll on Info Line for Audio Track changes gain by 1 dB for wheel move (would prefer .5dB or perhaps even less, amount to be set by the user)

  2. Test Generator has 12 Steps (a 12 Step Program) from Off to 0dB.

  3. I noted, but can’t recall… Mixer Faders have something like 89 mouse wheel increments from Fader Full to Fader Off on mix console, regardless of zoom level. (Gain Reduction is small, again, I’d prefer it would be an accurate amount of Gain Change per wheel move, an amount the user can set. There’s a little hard-to-see number on the bottom right of the fader that shows GR). Mostly that is invisible when zoomed out to normal project workflow. Would prefer that be easier to see when zoomed out to where it shows.

Mostly, I use my controller’s rotary faders for Fader moves, but I thought I’d investigate this a bit. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’ll look around at various mice and so on.

Stephen you’re gonna like this one.

If you hold down shift while you scroll the changes will occur in 0.05dB increments. :smiley:

And if you use a fancy gaming mouse you can assign a button to shift & keep it all in one hand.

Awesome! I was going to put that in as an “ask” for future versions. heh. Thanks.