Corrupt 6.5 installation OSX... Reinstall &Prefs

*The new audio groove midi quantise does not work. I can’t drag and drop a groove into the box anymore.

*Lost all the padshop and retrologue presets.

  • Presets I saved in the cubase load and save function above VSTS no longer show up…

How can I re-install Cubase 6.5 and keep all my preferences?? I want to make sure I keep them ALL!

I have seen posts about trashing preferences to make cubase more stable ect… - perhpas saving all my preferences is not the direction I should take? {Please advise me if this is so…
Above all I want a working cubase… but I also really want all my preferences!

Many Thanks


There is a knowledgebase article on the exact files in your preferences. Use it to backup all your presets etc. I would recommend to not place back the entire preferences folder though. It may be a bit of work to put your settings back, but more often than not the preferences are what breaks up Cubase.

As a quick check, you can just rename or move the preferences folder, and restart Cubase. See if your problems are resolved now. If yes, then you’ll have to carefully go through your old prefs and put back the things you really want to keep, and the rest you’ll have to do manually inside Cubase again.