Corrupt .CPR Files


I use Cubase LE 6 and have an external hard drive that has corrupt .cpr files on it. The hard drive I was using became corrupted, and I had the data recovered by a data recovery company. It seems to have recovered most (if not all) of my data, but when trying to open the .cpr files in cubase I receive an “Invalid Project File” Error on all of them. I noticed that the file size is under 500 kB for all of the song files, where usually they are a few MB at least. I was wondering if there is any way to send my files into Steinberg and have them attempt to correct the corrupt files. The wave files seem to be there as well, but not all of them. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Opening a new file and saving works fine in the project, so I don’t believe my configuration to be incorrect. Unfortunately, my studio is no longer available so my hopes hinge on these recovered files.

Dan Pfeiffer