Corrupt file

Dear mods,
I have no idea why, but it appears this file is corrupt and has several bugs including crashing when trying to save (both on D5 and D4.7).
Could anybody please take a look?


I just opened the file and it works without crashes.

It converts from Dorico 4.3, complains a set of fonts I don’t have on my machine and a Noteperformer template, but beside that it works.

Same here.
I was able to open it in Dorico 4 and also in Dorico 5. After opening, I did a “Save As” with a different title, and then re-opened it. I did not make any changes, though.

Same report as others. Under Windows 11 Insider Preview, Dorico 5 latest, opens and saves just fine. Full score looks good, and the parts I sampled looked good. There would appear to be nothing wrong or corrupt with this file. On opening it converted from 4.3 to 5 just fine also. [Note it says from 4.3 not 4.7 as per your original post. - does this mean anything?]

Given that the others see no issues, that can only mean it is your system. An entirely unscientific approach is to uninstall Dorico and NotePerformer completely, make sure to reboot and reinstall. First without NP, then with NP. Let us know how you go.

@dormusic, please provide a set of diagnostics so we can see why Dorico is crashing.