corrupt Pro 9 install download

I downloaded the install file, and when I extracted it, winzip informed me some of the files were corrupt. I went ahead and installed, and now Halion SE doesn’t work even in 7.5.

I need to keep 7.5, so how best to solve this?

redownload, extract using winrar instead and reinstall?

Pretty sure you answered your own question. But… using winzip would be fine.

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I started the process. I downloaded to another drive since I only have 8.5 gb on the system drive (I don’t know why this is - I had 12 prior to installing Pro 9, and i did run the uninstaller. Then I ran the installer, but it wouldn’t work because I allegedly do not have sufficient space. Apparently there is some junk the prior installation has left. I don’t know why it requires that much space.

so it has filled up my system drive which 11.5 gb of junk and left me know way to find it all. Really hating Steinberg right now.

anybody have any idea how I can fix this or where all those files might be? I checked all the various folders having anything to do with Cubase/Steinberg.

Are you deleting all of the “Steinberg” line items listed in the computer programs/features?

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I dont know but you could check.

  • C:\ProgramData\Downloaded Installations
  • C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp

These are hidden folders so you have to manually type programdata & appdata to enter.

Otherwise maybe disc cleaning can find them.
In file explorer rightclick on Local disc (C:) -> properties -> Disccleaning (or something like that, I dont have an english windows)

So I managed to get it all installed with plenty of space left over (finally), but my 7.5 installation is still screwed up for some reason - the Halion sonic SE sounds or presets are gone.

any ideas how to fix this?