'Corrupt project could not save' ( crash dump ) MORE DUMPS ADDED

Just playing around with Groove Agent 5 se , nothing else loaded then an error 22 came up , i tried to save what i was doing and an error box said 'could not save ,project corrupt ’
Could someone tell me what’s going on , the only time i seem to have issues is using Groove Agent .

Im getting quite a few crashes at the moment . Is there a version 12.0.50 i can install , this is horrendous

Crash dump
Cubase GA.zip (282.3 KB)
Crash 2.zip (346.8 KB)

The Crash2 seems to be caused from Halion7, the other one is definitely from GA5. Both bugs only SB can fix. There’s a chance that these have already been reported, but you might want to open a case with SB support just in case…

Ahhh , Thanks Fese
Yes im having issues with GA5se , nearly unusable and the last one i think was saving a multi preset in Halion 7 , i’ll report them both now . cheers


Just been contacted by support for an NFO file … Very good response time from Support

Ok ,Just to keep this thread up to date so it might help someone else :
Steinberg support have been very fast and helpful at trying to resolve the issue with GA5 se and Halion 7 , first of all i was asked to update the Elicencer (strange because i had the version that SDA installed ) ,secondly to make sure my graphics AMD software was removed , which i had already done and to run the NET framework repair tool from Microsoft . I do remember having to install an older Netframe work to get an older plugin to work so maybe this could of been an issue . Also the last thing they suggested was to do a command prompt to repair a windows update which i will try IF i continue having issues .