Corrupt project - cubase 13

I imported a short audio file, timestreched a little part of it, and now the project is corrupt and can’t be saved.
Only one audio track, no plugins, no other manipulation except normalizing.
Here’s the edit history:

If I look in the physical audio folder, there’s a zero byte audiofile (original_02.wav) that can’t be deleted because it’s open in Cubase. It disappeared, when I closed CB without saving.
But it’s not present in Cubase’s audiofolder, and it’s not in the trash either.

Any ideas ?


Do you get any message, please? What happens, if you hit Save?

This is correct. Your Audio track (named original) has enabled record, there must be an audio file, which works as a placeholder (buffer) for the pre-recorded signal (by default the pre-record is set to 1sec in Cubase).

No message until I hit Save. Then I got the corrupted file warning.

No chance of recovering an Autosave backup?


Could you please attach the screenshot of the message?

Not possible since I quit Cubase and couldn’t save, but it was something like
“project is corrupt and can’t be saved.”
The unedited cpr was ok.