Corrupt project files moving between C7.5 on Pc to Mac

I’ve had a client come into studio who uses 7.5 on MAC with projects, record at my studio and take the recorded projects away.

He says that they either wont open for him randomly or at all after multiple tries. I tried emptying all of his projects of any of my plugins but no change. He has to come into me to do a Save as Track Archive

Whats going on here? Is there a PC MAC compatibility problem with Cubase .cpr files?



I’ve not had a problem between my Mac and Win7 DAWs but I don’t really use the Mac very frequently.

The only time I’ve did have trouble opening a project it was not between a Mac but two XP machines, and it was down to plugins. For this problem the only way I found to open it was to go back to the other machine and actually remove the plugins from the project!

I’m sure that doesn’t really help! So, on another tack, could it be a memory problem, i.e. running out of memory? I’ve had this many times on my old 32bit DAW, is this a 32bit Mac? Or a disk problem perhaps?