Corrupt Project & Software Crash (Dorico 3.5)

Ahoy hoy,

I’ve a project due at the publisher this Friday, however the Dorico project has started being buggy from yesterday evening (one version of the file was corrupt/wouldn’t open; back up works but is very slow to open and repeatedly crashes my colleague’s software though remains open on mine).

I’ve been advised that the good people on here might be able to see what is going on via the Log file, if someone is able to direct me to this?



Welcome to the forum, Dan. Can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

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Hey Dan,

Thanks for the welcome - long time no see! File is attached. FYI load time on the project is around 4 minutes at the moment (would open in a few seconds yesterday).
Dorico (1.1 MB)

We seem to have tracked it down to violin 1: there are 4 lines of independent time signatures across 4 solo violins and I moved their entries yesterday by a bar or so - removing 1st from the project seems to fix the issues, but of course leaves the problem of how we get them back in the project.

There’s only one crash contained in your diagnostics, Dan, and that doesn’t give us much to go on.

Can you be a bit more specific about exactly what the nature of the problem you’re running into with your project is?

Hey Dan,

Let me ask Pete to send his diagnostic, as it is his machine that has been falling over on this. One mo…

@dspreadbury diagnostics from Peter attached.

Dorico (595.8 KB)

There’s only one crash log in Peter’s diagnostics, too, and it’s a very peculiar one: it looks like it’s crashed when opening the project but trying to do some kind of network access, which I’ve not seen before. Is Peter opening the project from a network location? Can he copy it to his local drive before he tries to open it?

I’ll check he didn’t access it from Dropbox and report back, thanks, Dan.

@dspreadbury more from Peter, my apologies for not clarifying this sooner:

“The project locks up — “not responding” — it never actually crashes but I can come back ten minutes later and its still saying not responding. Sometimes, it starts responding again after about ten minutes - which is how I managed to get the copy without Violin 1 - but other times it can still be not responding 30 mins later - so I force quit.”

He has been accessing it directly from his machine, not the DB folder, though I believe he did once access via DB which may explain the network access?

Either way, not sure what is making the project unstable. I believe Lillie sent it on to you today.

Sorry yes my bad communication. It basically just hangs whenever I try to do anything, and sometimes it start working again after 10 minutes (but then hangs as soon as I do almost anything), other times I have to force quit. BUT I’m starting to get somewhere. I managed to work out Violin 1 was the issue by slowly deleting instruments in setup mode then saving as a new file, and without Violin 1 it all runs smoothly. and opens quickly rather than pausing for several minutes at 80%. So I am now trying to rebuild the Violin 1 part in the file that will open (that I had completely deleted Violin 1 part from). It all works fine until bar 109. Daniel has the orchestra in 6/4 but the 1st Violins have some material for which a 7/16 time signature is inserted on individual staves (little fragments of loops that repeat as their own cell over the “tutti” time sig changes), with rests hidden following the notation of the cell. As soon as I try to rebuild that element it starts to hang again… Hmm.

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Welcome to the forum, Peter. Good to see you here.

How does the hang manifest itself? When scrolling? When selecting? When playing back? When editing note pitches/durations? When deleting something? When adjusting layout in Engrave mode?

When Dorico next hangs, please run Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process in the list of running processes, and from the cog menu in the toolbar, choose Sample Process, then zip up the resulting text file and attach it here.

Sample of (83.6 KB)
Thanks Daniel S,

Switching layouts seems to be the worst offender. Switching TO a part often just hangs for a minute or two, switching BACK to the score often results in a hang for much longer 5-6 minutes or more, similarly any attempts to switch the score into galley view (again 5-6 minutes if I’m lucky or indefinite) in the hope it will help don’t seem to stop the hanging. I tried having two tabs open rather than just switching layouts with the same result. Condensing is OFF in score and parts. This sample was whilst switching from a part to score layout.


Thanks for the sample. I think you’ll find that things run a lot more smoothly if you go to Play > Playback Options and switch off Play repeats on the Repeats page. You won’t be able to hear the repeats in playback, but I’m guessing that’s no big deal. The single-staff repeats in your Violin 1 staff are causing an infinite repeat loop, which is causing Dorico to do a lot more processing than is necessary. If you’re having problems even opening up the project to make this options change, please send it to me via a private message here and I’ll do it for you.


Thanks, Dan!

All fixed, many many thanks!!

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