Corrupt project

I have a Cubase Pro project that is misbehaving. I imported some 32-bit bwav files exported from Waveform into an existing project. At some point I got an error message about project corruption and save wouldn’t work, ‘‘save as’’ did though.

I deleted this file and tried this(the import) a couple of times with fresh copies of the project, but I still have problems.

I cleaned the project up a bit(getting rid of takes and tracks I no longer need), I can open it and it will play but I will sometimes get errors related to my iLok(which is fine and works with other projects and in other DAWs)

One thing that still doesn’'t work: export as audio in non-real time mode. The export starts, then Cubase stalls and I have to force quit. Real time export works.

In general, what do people do in such a case? Start a new project and try to import tracks from the old version? Bounce everything to audio and start from there?

It may well be a deadly combination of third party plug ins/audio instruments, this has been giving me grief lately.