Corrupt Stereo Bus


Today I loaded a saved project and had no sound out of the master. I could see audio entering it (with a plugin inserted) though. I checked F4 and found that I could not assigned a hardware out to the stereo out nor could I click the little box with the check in it to unfold the left and right channels.

In the end I just deleted the bus and created a new one, then reassigned all my channels. Just curious if this is a new bug as never encountered it before.


I had EXACTLY the same issue yesterday, remedied it the same way.

How bizarre, I’d have put this down to just one of those things that occasionally happen (on my occasionally flaky old interface) but it happened to me too last weekend though never before …

Thanks for the replies. I haven’t seen it since then so seems to be a one-off for me at least.

I had exactly same problem today.

I had this too with 9.5.10…
I’m gonna test with the new update if is it resolved yet…

i had it as well. I did a restart for a fix.

If my pc is left in too long, the software acts buggy. Restarts usually sort me out.