Corrupt track in Cubase 7.5

Hi All, I have a track recorded in Cubase 7.5. It used to playback fine but now when I play it there is no sound at all. I can see the fader moving on individual audio tracks but no sound. If I export an audio track it also has no sound. The device set up is all correct. Does anyone know what might be causing it and how can I resolve it without losing an entire song.

Does this happen only on one specific song or for all projects?

It only happens on this specific track.

Then you may check your plugins (activation, etc)!
If there is one on a mix or group bus that doesn’t work, you’ll get no sound.
maybe that helps
cheers JayF

Hi, thanks, I’ll give that a go.

Hi. I deleted all of the plugins used on the track but still nothing. If I go in to the mix console the faders are moving on all the tracks but there is nothing registering on master volume. The connections are fine because other projects play. The master channel isn’t muted either…

Sorry that didn’t work!
Sadly there are many things that can cause this problem.
If you want, we can make a ZOOM call and I would try to help in a Team-Viewer session.
One point comes to my mind… did you ever open your project in a newer version of cubase (8 or higher)? If that, it wouldn’t work in 7.5


Absolute has you covered I’m sure, but from time to time, I have had to move whatever was recorded on a track over to a new track. Usually when I have done something intense with PLEs. Do you have the event muted by chance though, I do that by mistake all the time… don’t know about 7…