Corrupted audio making project unusable

I hope some one can help. I’ve added a number of instances of Kontakt to a project (in order to replace note performer with Orchestral Tools)

After saving the project the playback no longer works. Unless I restart my computer (MacBook Pro M1) Dorico gets stuck on ‘waiting for audio’. If I restart the computer the project loads but none of the sounds do. Anything I then try and do to overcome this - for example deleting the vsts in results in the spinning ball.

In the track inspector all the plug in names are greyed out. In the VST and MIDI list the delete button is greyed out, and I’m unable to reallocate any of the sounds. It’s even impossible to re-save the project. This means that the project is essentially unusable. (As are all its back ups!)

Is there a way of starting Dorico in a ‘safe mode’ i.e. without trying to load the sounds? Or any any other method of getting my project back?

Thank, Ian

Hi @Ian_Lawson,

I can delete the audio engine part of the project in order that it will at least load again.
If you want me to do that, please send the project to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.
And also please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That will create a zip file on your Desktop. Please also send that one as it will help me find out what is the reason behind your trouble.

Great! Thanks Ulf. I’ll send you a dropbox link - the file is 96 mb and I’ve got no way of stripping it down. Thanks again. Ian

Hi @Ian_Lawson , don’t know if you already sent something, but I have not received anything, yet.

Ah, hang on, yes, it was in my spam folder. I’m looking now…