Corrupted composition file

Hi there, I am trying to open a composition I created, but I think it was saved when I had very little space on my computer (it was a work computer). Is anyone able to open it? I would be very grateful if you could, even if I’m able to get a pdf of the score. Thanks
Black Swan Composition NEWEST - Tom Cavanagh-Wood.dorico (5.8 KB)

No @jhd1, your Dorico file can’t be open and it’s with headers error:
I cannot see any Dorico data in it. It looks like an incomplete project…

Btw, welcome ob board! :slight_smile:

5.8 KB is VERY small for a Dorico file. The size is usually at least in the hundreds of KB and can become over 1 MB for even a moderately small Dorico file, much more for large ones.

One “trick” that can be used in this sort of situation is to open (unzip) the Dorico file with decompression software. In the folder which is created there will be two folders, called “META-INF” and “supplementary_data”. Inside those will be others. One of those, called “preview” will contain a PDF (called “preview.pdf”) of the project. If the Dorico project itself cannot be opened or repaired, this PDF can at least show what has been input up to the time of the last successful save. One important point to note is that preview.pdf only shows the layout that was being viewed when the file was last saved. This means that if you have a full orchestral score and you had the timpani layout open when you saved, preview.pdf will only contain the timpani layout. This means that it is a good idea to always go back to viewing the full score layout (which, of course, will usually contain all instruments) before saving.

Unfortunately your file, when unzipped, does not contain preview.pdf, so the “trick” I described is of no use in your situation.

Unfortunately the file is incomplete, and can’t be recovered.

Please check inside the Backup Projects folder inside your Dorico Projects folder for the most recent backup.