Corrupted File

I was working on this document but the latest saved versions would not open. I have attached to file for your reference. I think perhaps it did not save correctly because I only have 500mb of free space on my hard drive? Is it possible to recover the document?

Christopher Eis

12 tone String Quartet 2 Eis-[AutoSave].dorico 08-42-44-386 (1).dorico (383.5 KB)

500 MEGAbytes? You definitely need to farm some stuff off to another drive. You want 10% free at a bare minimum – more on a smaller drive.

I can’t help with your document, but one of the Dorico team may be able to fix it.

I can open this OK with my Dorico 3.5 in terms of the score (though without sound at the moment) so the file doesn’t appear to be unrecoverable. If you can clear enough stuff off your hard drive so that at least you have a chance of running Dorico properly, I’d do that and try again. If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Dorico – strongly recommended – then I’m not sure if my automatically updated version of the file would be much help.

Of course I could easily send a .pdf of the score itself if that would be of any help?

Yes! The PDF is all I need since it is for a class assignment! Please do send it if you can!

sent you a PM with file

and, in case it’s useful, have also sent an audio file rendered by the VSL Solo strings (much better than NotePerformer for chamber music though I do use NP sometimes for orchestral works)

I came across a similar situation. You should be able to open the latest backup file, which may be in a backup folder or in the recycle bin. Once you clear out more space you should be okay to continue as normal.